Why Enlighten Your Grow?

Because facilities that are optimized for energy and water efficiency and produce less waste:

  • Will always see better productivity,
  • May often see absolute crop increases,
  • Cost far less to operate than conventional facilities,
  • Put growers ahead of increasingly rigorous state and local regulations,
  • Give applicants an edge in permitting, and
  • Are better for the community — and the planet.

If your operation is functioning sub-optimally (and frankly most are), you will need to find out why and how. Our team will find any issues with your facility’s building envelope, mechanical systems and even user error. Our effective remedies are often simple to implement and can eliminate many problems that may be stunting your yield.

We will also help you account for and offset your facility’s footprint, strengthen your permit applications by supporting your journey in operating a greener facility, and be your guide through mechanical and technical decisions.

Enlighten Your Grow

A greener Operation is a more productive one



Bill auditing

Utility bills can be like complicated jigsaw puzzles: not always simple to put together but almost always worth the effort.

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Competitive power supply

Why not make competition work in your favor? Make power suppliers earn your business.

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Facility design support

New build or retrofit, make sure your grow operation is optimized for location and resource availability.

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Permitting guidance and policy insights

Want to get an edge in permitting by showcasing your commitment to resource efficiency and sustainability? We can help.

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Sustainability accounting

Carbon, energy, water and waste accounting are going to determine how the market determines sustainability. Will you be ready?

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Technology and market intelligence

Is your company thinking about how innovation can enhance its competitiveness?

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Even modest operations have large energy and environmental footprints

Monthly water usage (gallons)
monthly energy usage (kWh)
Monthly carbon emissions (pounds)
Typical monthly utility bill