Sustainability accounting

Image courtesy of World Resources Institute

Many municipalities and some states are beginning to emphasize the importance of maintaining rigorous accounting of your facility’s energy and environmental footprint.

We leverage our years of experience providing these services to companies as they seek to understand their energy, water and waste footprints in order to be compliant with regulations, to position themselves in a crowded market, and/or to meet internal sustainability criteria.

Here’s how we do it:

1. We will sit down with you to understand your motivations around quantifying your footprint and the extent of your operation you want to analyze. Are you looking to comply with a specific regulatory requirement or market need? Do you want to understand the full scope of your operation’s environmental footprint? Is it important to you to use any reporting standards, if any?

2. We will review all of the relevant documentation you have: utility bills, supply chain, waste stream, travel receipts and vehicle usage information, and much more. The more data we have, the more comprehensive your report will be.

3. We will present to you a report of your footprint and show you how you compare to your competition. We can share ideas with you to use your “baseline” data to improve your performance and establish your company as a sustainability leader.