Bill auditing

Despite utilities’ best intentions, power bills are full of jargon, cryptic rates and classes, and mysterious lines of charges that can add up to a shockingly high bill. And all too often, if you don’t know where to look, you’ll never know if somewhere in there is an error that is costing your company thousands of dollars a year.

Here’s how we help you demystify your utility bills, uncover any issues hiding within them and find you savings.

1. We will scrutinize every line of your bills to ensure that your electricity, gas and water meters are on the right rate, that you are getting billed only for the resources you use, and that the charges are appropriate for your type of facility.

2. We look at your bills over time (at least a 3-6 month period) and identify trends in your usage. We analyze your charges for patterns in your usage that may offer opportunities to shave your costs.

3. We provide you with a report and walk through the various ways that we believe you can save you on your utility bills.

4. If you wish to pursue those savings, we will work with you to develop a plan to ensure you get them.